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Ulam’s spiral in Mathematica

Today we’re having a little fun with Mathematica. We will generate a visualization of the Ulam spiral. To this end the natural numbers are arranged in a spiral pattern, 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 38 17 16 15 … Continue reading

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Block mode of operation: why ECB is bad

In an earlier post I discussed how AES works on small 128 bit blocks of plaintext. Your usual data will generally be larger than that. First, as a rule, you will have to fill up your plaintext such that its … Continue reading

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AES in Mathematica

Disclaimer I: The following code is for educational purposes only. Its sole function is to show how the AES algorithm works. It is not by any means intended for real life applications. Do not use it to encrypt your personal … Continue reading

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Strong passwords from /dev/random

The most secure passwords are, roughly speaking, long and random sequences that cannot be cracked by means of dictionary or brute-force attacks. This assumes of course, that the passwords are stored in a reasonable way, but that is typically not … Continue reading

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