Quick tip: changing the userbase directory in Mathematica (Linux)

Recently, I came across the problem of readdressing the Mathematica user folder for a sort-of-portable version of Mathematica. In Linux this folder resides in the user’s home directory as ~/.Mathematica and contains all user defined settings as well as additional packages. Its contents can grow quite large over time and there are situations where you want to outsource it (maybe to an USB flash drive) or simply have in a non-default location (maybe relevant for virtual machines). Redirecting ~/.Mathematica to another place by a symbolic link is not always an option. The only documented possibility is to set an environment variable called MATHEMATICA_USERBASE with the desired location as value and then run Mathematica. This works and here is my quick tip on how to make it more or less permanent. In Linux Mathematica is started by a shell script (called Mathematica) inside the Executables folder relative to the installation directory. What I wanted (in my case) was to move the user folder inside the installation one. Funnly enough, it can be done with no effort. Just open the file Executables/Mathematica in a text editor and got to the very end and add


right before the

"${MathematicaFE}" -topDirectory "${TopDirectory}"  "$@"

line. Done. Notice that ${TopDirectory} is derived in the rest of the script and I cavalierly reused it here. You can modify UsrBaseDir=/path/to/your/folder to customize it for your needs. I tested it with Mathematica 8 and 9 and it also works for the command line version Executables/math and the other executables.


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