Quick tip: Veracrypt on a Raspberry Pi 2 [update: Veracrypt 1.18]

My recent blog post seems to be somewhat outdated. Here is an update to install Veracrypt 1.18 on a raspberry 2 with OS
Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 kernel 4.4.13.
First one needs to install

sudo apt-get install makeself libfuse-dev

We assume that you downloaded VeraCrypt_1.18_Source.tar.bz2 into /home/pi/vc/VeraCrypt_1.18_Source.tar.bz2 and wxWidgets-3.0.2.tar.bz2 into /home/pi/wx/wxWidgets-3.0.2.tar.bz2. Now unpack the sources ĺike

cd /home/pi/vc/
bzip2 -d VeraCrypt_1.18_Source.tar.bz2
tar xfv VeraCrypt_1.18_Source.tar
cd /home/pi/wx/
bzip2 -d wxWidgets-3.0.2.tar.bz2
tar xfv wxWidgets-3.0.2.tar

Then it is time for compiling

cd /home/pi/vc/src
make NOGUI=1 WXSTATIC=1 WX_ROOT=/home/pi/wx/wxWidgets-3.0.2/ wxbuild

Then it is time to grab some coffee. Compiling takes a while… and it is not very verbose.
Once it is done one needs to modify the /home/pi/vc/src/Makefile and delete the four lines

CFLAGS += -msse2
CXXFLAGS += -msse2
CFLAGS += -maes
CXXFLAGS += -maes

And then


Then it is coffee time again.
Once finished, proceed to copy the veracrypt binary

sudo cp Main/veracrypt /usr/local/bin/

Mounting can be done by e.g.

sudo veracrypt -t -k "" volume.vc /media/veracrypt1/ -m nokernelcrypto

Again be aware the the key derivation in native Veracrypt volumes is real computation-intense, it is not really fun on a RPi. The old Truecrypt containers will work fine, provided the option -tc is passed to veracrypt.
Last remark: the build and source folders can be deleted

rm -rf /home/pi/vc/
rm -rf /home/pi/wx/

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4 Responses to Quick tip: Veracrypt on a Raspberry Pi 2 [update: Veracrypt 1.18]

  1. Mike says:


    thanks for your updated tutorial 🙂

    May i ask: The four lines i have to delete, what are they normally good for and why do i have to delete them to get veracrypt run on a raspberry ?

    Just trying to understand.



    • goobypl5 says:

      The lines try to enable special instruction sets for Intel x86 (or compatible) CPUs. The raspberry has an ARM processor, which is why the compiler would produce an error if these lines were kept.

  2. Ceps says:

    Hi folks,
    if you get the message while the first make NOGUI…
    configure: WARNING: cppunit not found
    then you should do a
    sudo apt-get install libcppunit-dev
    and restart with the first make NOGUI…
    Hope that helps beginners like me
    – thanks for the great quick-tip.

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