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Command Line Fu: surveillance with Raspberry Pi

Today we are building the a primitive surveillance system using a Raspberry Pi. This is our goal: Take a picture every hour -> send it as encrypted email These are the basic prerequisites: A Raspberry Pi, no matter which model. … Continue reading

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Let gooby do teh hoemwerk: Riemann zeta at two

Based on what I read in a very old book, we show We can divide the sum into even and odd contributions One sees that In order to evaluate the right hand side of this equation we consider the function … Continue reading

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Mathematical insult gone awry

Seen on average image board: Let’s try to solve it. The inner limit can be written as The limit in the exponent can be taken using the l’Hostpital rule The in the sense of the limit the denominator can be … Continue reading

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How to get a job with 70 lines of code

After my recent post How to get a job with 250 lines of code there is a new challenge available, cf. followthewhiterabbit: They kindly provide a list of words containing the building blocks of the solution as well as an “anagram … Continue reading

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Quick tip: Veracrypt on a Raspberry Pi 2 [update: Veracrypt 1.18]

My recent blog post seems to be somewhat outdated. Here is an update to install Veracrypt 1.18 on a raspberry 2 with OS Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 kernel 4.4.13. First one needs to install We assume that you downloaded VeraCrypt_1.18_Source.tar.bz2 into … Continue reading

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Java bean differences

From time to time your application needs to work on certain data objects or entities. Depending on the situation and the complexity, you want to have logging that will help analyzing what the application was doing during a past time … Continue reading

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Pade approximants: a case study (iii)

We are now going to explore the analytic structure of the Padé approximants for our example [1], [2]. The study (iii) The limit for the Padé approximants and  exist for all . This is much stronger than the Taylor series, … Continue reading

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