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How to get a job with 250 lines of code

Recently, I stumbled upon a cryptographic challenge posed by a company called “Trustpilot”. The problem was available at http://followthewhiterabbit.trustpilot.com/challenge2.html. For completeness I post a screenshot here: Let that sink for a little while. Generously, the key has only six unknowns, … Continue reading

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Create your own Sudoku book

Pre Solving Sudokus. It’s fun for most people. It keeps you busy while sitting on the john. Everybody has done it at least once in their life. But if you don’t have a smartphone/tablet/eBook reader you may have to do … Continue reading

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The RC4 stream cipher

Today I will continue my crypto-101 series with the very popular stream cipher RC4 (Ron’s code 4 by Ronald L. Rivest). I want to say at the very beginning that RC4 is not regarded as secure anymore as by today’s … Continue reading

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